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Pure Heart Records

"Where did all the old songs go or the old folks who sang them for so long? Have they been forgotten? Many of the American classics were written around the early 1900's and have stood the test of time as they continue to bless the the hearts of those who hear them. Some times it's good to "Find our way back home" even if it's only in our minds. Let us never forget our roots or those special people who came before us to teach us so much. May we be strengthened on our lives' path and blessed by God's gifts from the past as he endows us with gifts to leave for those who come behind us."


Here are a list of songs on both CDs, the highlighted ones are available to preview.

1.  At Your Whispered Prayer

2.  Take These Burdens 

3.  You Are The Potter

4.  He Saw The Good In Me

5.  Only A Pure Heart

6.  More Of You, Less Of Me

7.  Prepare Me

8.  Divine Partnership

10.  My Prayer


Only a Pure Heart CD was inspired to assist in your prayer and meditation time. Played in a car, it has brought peace in the midst of road rage. I has been a lullaby to a restless child, as well as music in a church prayer room. The words to eight of the songs were written by Michael's wife, Delores, as inspired during times of prayer, but it was Michael who put the melody and voice to these prayers. May they bless all who hear them.


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give someone you love the music they so miss

Michael comes from a long line of family musical heritage

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