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In the Truth About God, my friend and sister in the Lord Delores Porter brings us the first in her study of Scripture as it relates to the adversities of our daily lives. With a passion to minister to hurting people, her purpose in this study is to awaken in the hearts of people the truth that Christ is the answer to all mankind's needs and to lead them to invest in the study of God's character and is, to say the least, a thought provoking study that will cause one to look deeper into the scriptures  provided in this study.


I have been pleased to read and study this volume, and I cordially commend it to all Christians of faith and to all who are interested in the truth about God.

-Dr. L. V. Rigney

Pathway Ministries 

Dedicated to all who lost loved ones
on 9/11 and all who have ever had loss of any kind. It is written so you can learn the truth, that God is not guilty.
The Truth About God


Are there questions that haunt your mind like: Where is God when bad things happen?  Did God really take my loved one?  Is every death His will?  Is God allowing me to be sick, or lose my job for his purpose or to teach me something?  Are my choices predestined by God, making me a puppet without freewill?  Is God in total control of all events on this earth and, if he is, why would I want to give my life to a God like that?  Are there fables in modern theology that could be stealing our miracles?  Are you searching for answers that make sense?


Are you desperate to know the Truth About God?  


My purpose for this book is to encourage you the reader to:


1.  Take a deeper looking into Scriptures, finding the true character

     of God which is the foundation of Christianity.


2.  Pray and ask the Lord to show you Truth by and through his Holy

     Spirit; line upon line and precept upon precept.


3.  Enter a closer and more personal relationship with Jesus Christ,

     and communicate with Him daily, knowing he will stick with you

     closer than a brother, and he will never leave you or forsake you.


4.  Grow your faith strong enough to receive your miracles.


5.  Become God's extended hand, doing His works on this earth,

     building the kingdom of God.


6.  Learn and experience our excess to heaven's gifts through the

     power of prayer.


7.  Be God's instrument in setting the capitve free from the bondage

     of harmful addictions, sin, and sickness.


8.  Turn on the Light of God's Love and Goodness wherever you go,

     and watch the darkness leave.


9.  Join God's Last Day Army, keeping your armor polished and

     ready for service at all times; using God's Word as a weapon of

     warfare against the darkness of this world.


10.  Accept the call of God to be a missionary to America, making

       God's enemies (demonic, fallen angels) God's footstool,

       preparing the way for the Lord's second return.


While I'm sure we would all like to jump straight into number 9 and 10 (operating in the Spiritual gifts and seeing God's miraculous works), we must be prepared before we go out on the front lines of God's Army and into combat with the spiritual darkness of this world.  Just like any military solider, we must start at the beginning: "Basic Training".


For more insight, please visit my blog, that includes posts such as: "The Basics of Christianity".

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