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Delores J. Porter is an author, teacher, speaker, and song writer, and continues a career as a hair stylist. Born to godly parents, saved at an age too young to recall, she definitely remembers her baptism of the Holy Spirit experience at the age of eight and a vision of seeing Jesus at nine. she loved playing church as a child and today she honors her parents for taking her and her two brothers to church every time the doors were open. In her youth she attended many years of youth camp and CA conventions, and later ministered as camp counselor for many more years.


She married Michael Porter and became part of the altar prayer team in her father-in-law's (Rev. Melvin Porter) evangelistic revival ministry. In her twenties she taught the teenage Sunday school class. Later, starting the YLA girls club through her church, she was a speaker for an Arkansas YLA state-wide convention. For years she served on prayer intercessor teams for her local church.


After 9/11/2001, she started writing on the goodness of God and His character of love. She self-published her first book in 2005: The Truth about God That Everybody Needs to Know. Delores fulfilled her dream to go to Bible school and in June of 2002 earned a Diploma of Theology in the New Testament. On completion of a writer's course by Jerry B. Jenkins, she followed her passion for studying the Bible and writing, revised her first book, and wrote new chapters for future books, including a series of lessons on the basics of Christianity, which are now part of her blog.

Delores' first book printed in 2005


The Truth About God That Everyone Needs To Know

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