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Truth and Hope Ministries (formally Pure Heart Books) was founded by Delores and Micheal Porter. They have a passion to bring a positive message of truth and hope through their books and music cds. It is her endeavor to expose a missing link in Modern/ Traditional Theology, that has likely caused a misunderstanding of Scripture leading the modern church to teach that every event on this earth is orchestrated by God in "total control".


Through scriptures printed in full with original word usage and meanings, she defends a "good God" who doesn't create or allow sickness, death and tragedies of life for His purpose. Instead, we can turn to him for help and healing through the bad times of life.The materials are written in "layman's language" creating excellent individual and/or group study books. There is no claim that this is a "new message" but is The Truth About God that Jesus came to reveal. Book One is the foundational teaching to the series of books that follow; all of which are about the character of God, His gifts to mankind (paid for by "Grace" through Calvary) and His passion to have a Divine Partnership with mankind.


Delores encourages the church to lead this generation to strive for the knowledge of God and be empowered by His Spirit to be soldiers in God's army, who will defeat evil (setting the captive free, doing the Great Commission); fulfilling God's purpose and ushering in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Has the church been paralyzed, waiting on God to do what and when He desires; when in reality, God has been waiting on us?





Don't blame God for the Devil's actions or our own

The Truth About God


Are there questions that haunt your mind like: Where is God when bad things happen?  Did God really take my loved one?  Is every death His will?  Is God allowing me to be sick, or lose my job for his purpose or to teach me something?  Are my choices predestined by God, making me a puppet without freewill?  Is God in total control of all events on this earth and, if he is, why would I want to give my life to a God like that?  Are there misunderstandings in modern theology that could be stealing our miracles?  Are you searching for answers that make sense?


Are you desperate to know the Truth About God? 


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